Framebuilding: 3BMC Cross


One year later, one more handmade bike. After my 3BMC Road was taken out of commission last year, I knew I needed a replacement frame for 2014. I also knew I wanted to try my hand at framebuilding again. So, when the snow started to fall and the cold New England winter set in, I holed myself up in Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville with Paul Carson and set out to make some more frames for myself.

As I find myself more excited about long distance adventure rides and less about racing, I wanted to design something that I could take anywhere, on any conditions, for any amount of time. On top of that, at the end of May, I am embarking on a two week bike tour from Salt Lake City to Denver with two close friends. We are going up and over the Wasatch Range, across the Colorado Plateau, over the Rocky Mountains, and a final summit of Mount Evans for a total of 600 miles and over 40,000 feet of climbing. At a minimum, it is going to be an adventure, and I needed a bike that was up to the task.

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The Getty Villa


The Getty Villa is one of America’s great modern buildings. Originally built in 1974 by J. Paul Getty to house his personal art and antiquities collection, the museum was renovated and expanded by Machado Silvetti Architects from 1993 to 2006. Since it has been re-opened, it has been extensively written about and praised, with a new spanish monograph coming out this past year.

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Los Angeles in Film


I was in LA a few weeks ago, visiting my friend Nirav. He has been working his ass off at Oculus, so I felt obliged to go out and bother him for a few days. I went with my friend Chris, and while we were out there we were lucky enough to have some friends join us for the weekend. It was a great trip, with time spent at the Getty Villa, hiking Griffith Park, watching sunsets on the beach, and most importantly, eating tacos.

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In the Shop


I’ve been spending my 2014 winter weekends holed up in the Paul Carson Bikes workshop in Artisan’s Asylum, working away at two new bikes for the year. The first is a lugged steel track bike with Paragon drops and what is shaping up to be a great build (44rn chainring, h+son tb14 rims, nitto cockpit, cambium saddle). The second is a lugged Columbus steel road bike outfitted in SRAM and Thomson that will double as a road machine and a fully-loaded adventurer for my upcoming two week tour over the Wasatch and Rocky Mountain ranges this spring.

I always enjoy my time in the shop, whether it is being super productive and brazing out a whole front triangle in a day or doing a bit of filing and shooting the shit with Paul.

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CNC Bench


This fall, my roommates and I decided to design and CNC a bench and set of stools for our “Breakfast Nook,” a fairly under-utilized and over-hyped room in our apartment. David Parker spearheaded the project, with Tyler, Nathaniel, and myself providing some (mostly) useful criticism and a heavy dose of moral support. The project was modeled in Rhino and CNC’ed at Artisan’s Asylum. We think it came out great, and the Breakfast Nook has now shifted to become the most over-utilized and over-hyped room in the apartment.

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Bowl of Death


It was a month ago, while I was in Paul Carson‘s shop in Artisan’s Asylum, that I first heard about the bones of Paul’s newest project: The Bowl of Death. At that time it was still only an idea, but I saw some sketches and diagrams on his whiteboard that hinted at some serious excitement. A few weeks later I was visiting the Asylum with some friends when I spotted Paul, waving at me behind a 5′ tall test piece of the bowl. I ran over and helped him screw in the last few bits of blocking, we nailed in some plywood, and then stomped on it a bit. We couldn’t stop laughing at how crazy and awesome it was going to be.

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Londonderry in Film


One weekend, close friends, a tiny cabin, and some epic skiing made for a pretty rad start to 2014. 

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Baystate CX in Film


I brought my A1 to the 2013 Baystate Cyclocross race in Sterling, MA, last weekend, and managed to get a few good shots. It was great to photograph and heckle friends and professionals both as they tore it up in the frigid December weather. Baumann, your Tomii was looking so good!

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2013 Riding


This was a big cycling year for me. I got back on the Merckx the second it started getting warmer and went out on any good days I could find in March and April. By May I had my 3BMC Road welded and built up, and once the weather really warmed up I was riding centuries most Sundays (Century Sunday!) and Green Line Velo rides on Wednesday nights. I stayed at that cadence through the heat of the summer, riding hard, training for D2R2 in August, and having fun.

And then, on August 11th, one week before D2R2, I got hit by a motorcycle while on a ride and broke my right clavicle and my left hand. I missed D2R2 and was off the saddle for around 2 months. But, bones heal and I got back on the bike as soon as I was allowed to and made the most of the beautiful fall we had this year. It was a pretty solid year, and I can only hope that next year will see even more miles and more rides (including D2R2!). Stay tuned.

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2013 Riding Mapped

131121_2013 Boston Bike Rides_heavy

Last year I mapped out all my riding manually, and while it was a fair chunk of work, it was manageable because of the amount that I rode. This year I wanted to do the same and make use of the data I had collected with Strava, but the number of rides was far more than the year before and it would have been a massive amount of work to draw out… not to mention that there are so many better ways of doing it!

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