Fall 2014 Road Trip


All the cool kids are moving out west. In October, the great forests of New England lost Nathaniel to the allures of bigger trees and taller mountains. He wanted to drive cross-country before his move, and I figured I should tag along to chaperone. We saw friends in cities, bombed across the midwest, crawled around the red earth of Arches, hiked down the Grand Canyon, found peace in Death Valley, escaped into the wilds of Yosemite National Park, and watched the snow fall at Crater Lake. I think tagging along was the right decision.

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Fall 2014 Road Trip: Mapped


Westbrook, CT > Chicago, IL > Boulder, CO > Arches NP > Grand Canyon NP > Las Vegas, NV > Death Valley NP > Yosemite NP > San Francisco, CA > Lassen NP > Crater Lake NP > Portland, OR.

4,810 miles, 21 days, 9 campsites, 6 national parks, 5 cities, countless friends.

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SLC to DEN: Mapped

Bike Tour_small

As you probably saw, I rode from Salt Lake City to Denver this past summer with Dan Adams and David Parker. I finally got around to cleaning up the DOT maps from Utah and Colorado in Illustrator so I could map the trip out. Check it out!

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SLC to DEN: Bike Tour Part 2


Roosevelt is a tiny stop-over town in the heart of Utah’s oil fields. Trucks come lumbering through from Duschene or Vernal almost every 60 seconds, stopping rarely for a coffee or some gas. There wasn’t much to do for two days while Dadams recovered besides watching Fast and Furious 6, so Parker and I hung out at the hotel pool, and spent a while at the best place in town - Marion’s Variety – for sandwiches and amazing ice cream shakes. We chatted with the waitresses and the owner for a while, learned a bit about the town, and when we leaving, the owner told us to not worry about the bill and to just “have a safe ride.” The kindness in this part of the country is nothing like the temperament out East. Niceness is truth out here; it’s quieter, less showy than the extreme politeness of the Southeast and more freely given than the cold North. It is humble, honest, and from the heart. It is a pleasant reminder of humanity’s better half.

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SLC to DEN: Bike Tour Part 1


“Guys, I don’t think I am going to make it.” When you hear something like that from a guy like Dadams, you know he is hurting. Parker and I were on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, Utah, watching Dadams’ slow decent into fever and sickness. “Alright, lets flag down a truck,” said Parker, with a mix of concern and confidence. Parker and Dadams had already been through the gauntlet; four weeks on the road and they were already seasoned bike tourers. A truck with a really nice young couple returning from bow-hunting turkeys picked us up and dropped us off in the nearest town, 10 miles down the road. We then hitched again 40 miles to the next town, Roosevelt, UT, where Dadams crashed and recovered in the hotel for the next two days.

Life on the road is a very different kind of existence. Some problems become more acute, but most of life’s problems simply disappear; replaced with a beautiful string of endless change and diverse experiences. Doing a bike tour isn’t much different than a long hiking trip or a road trip - your life’s hierarchy is simply reevaluated, restructured, and reordered. It is a spectacular kind of lifestyle.

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SLC to DEN: Pre-Trip


I am going on a bike ride! Expect pain, suffering, beauty, and awesomeness!

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The Getty Villa


The Getty Villa is one of America’s great modern buildings. Originally built in 1974 by J. Paul Getty to house his personal art and antiquities collection, the museum was renovated and expanded by Machado Silvetti Architects from 1993 to 2006. Since it has been re-opened, it has been extensively written about and praised, with a new spanish monograph coming out this past year.

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Los Angeles in Film


I was in LA a few weeks ago, visiting my friend Nirav. He has been working his ass off at Oculus, so I felt obliged to go out and bother him for a few days. I went with my friend Chris, and while we were out there we were lucky enough to have some friends join us for the weekend. It was a great trip, with time spent at the Getty Villa, hiking Griffith Park, watching sunsets on the beach, and most importantly, eating tacos.

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Londonderry in Film


One weekend, close friends, a tiny cabin, and some epic skiing made for a pretty rad start to 2014. 

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Summer 2010 Road Trip Map


I was digging around in some boxes last weekend and stumbled across a Rand McNally Road Atlas that I had marked up along a road trip I took in 2010 with my good friends Amrita, Oliver, and Spencer. The route took us from Santa Barbara to Summer Camp Music Festival and back, with a long stay in Boulder with Oliver’s family. I couldn’t help but map it out.

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